Vascu 10 60 capsules

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VASCU 10 is the name of a new formula which could have been called CARDIO 10 or NEURO 10, or even RAJEUNI 10, GLYCA 10. It combines active ingredients which all go in the same direction and complement each other ideally concerning the cardiovascular sphere, the preservation of neurons, the increase in life expectancy. Vascu 10 contains bromelain, coenzyme Q10, Niacinamide, carnosine, beta-alanine. VASCU 10 is above all an excellent cleaner via bromelain which is able to dissolve anything that hinders blood circulation. Bromelase, an enzyme extracted from pineapple attacks the cement (fibrin) that binds the blood clot. In addition, even a small reduction in cardiac output is associated with aging of the brain and poorer cognitive performance. We very often think of chelating heavy metals, of cleaning our intestines, but we think less of cleaning our vessels, which is regrettable and damaging.
VASCU 10 contains three effective and relevant ingredients to help the heart function better: coenzyme Q10, carnosine, beta alanine. You should also know that users of statins are severely deficient in CoQ10, which is very harmful. Over the course of a lifetime, we lose more than half of our CoQ10 levels; hence fatigue, lack of performance and motivation, weakened immune system.
Concerning carnosine, it is present at high levels in long-lived cells such as neurons (need for a shield), heart, muscles, eyes, etc. In mice subjected to intense stress, carnosine reduces the oxidation of brain lipids by 85%. Children treated with carnosine improve their speech development and therefore learning. Mice treated with carnosine live 20% longer than the control group. You will understand by these examples that the ingredients of VASCU 10 are a youth asset. CoQ10 is also known as anti-wrinkle. Carnosine helps maintain the suppleness of the skin. Niacinamide promotes the activity of an anti-aging protein.

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