Tcm 500ml

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It's a staple in your food intake, you'll quickly see why. Medium chain fatty acids (TCM) are metabolized differently from long chain fatty acids (TCL). They practically behave like carbohydrates. Unlike other fats, they do not need pancreatic juices or bile to be emulsified. They also don't need carnitine to be oxidized in the mitochondria. In fact, MCTs go directly to the liver which transforms them into ketones, these are quickly found in the blood (in the form of caprylic acid, capric acid, etc.) and quickly reach the cells that need them: on entering in cells they are oxidized and then produce energy instead of glucose (this phenomenon can take place in the absence or presence of glucose).

We can think of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) as energy masterpieces. Endowed with greater autonomy, they are absorbed and metabolized up to 4 times faster than long chain triglycerides (TCL). They also do not need the lymph to pass. When TCMs are oxidized (beta oxidation), this leads to the formation of acetyl coenzyme A.

Remember that acetyl coenzyme A associated with choline gives the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (see our product Creacholine to consume in combination with TCM) ... neurotransmitter which is largely lacking in Alzheimer's disease. Let's come back to our MCTs and the ketone bodies they generate. The body then benefits: heart, brain, muscles ... will be able to use it. MCTs are used by organs in need of energy and when there is an urgent need to recover.

They are also useful for weight loss (by increasing your metabolism, you will burn more calories). Finally, you will have to think about it whenever it comes to poor digestion of fats or their poor absorption. Finally, MCTs help absorb nutrients soluble in fat (vitamin A, D, E, K and beta-carotene).

To conclude on these assets, MCTs are essential via the gluconeogenesis pathway: they can replace glucose in the body. In addition, MCTs are incorporated into the lipid membrane of bacteria and viruses, which ultimately destroys them. So integrate "TCM" into your daily life. It is in the form of a transparent fatty substance in a 500 ml glass bottle. You can add it to your food, or even eat it as is. It is an amazing experience to consume a fatty substance that does not call on bile, so it is very digestible. Knowing that this fatty body makes you lose weight also allows you to shatter many received ideas.

We advise you to start slowly with this supplement: 1 teaspoon for three to four days, preferably in the morning. Then two teaspoons again for another three to four days, ending with one tablespoon per day.

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