Jew's harp "Large", Khakass "Guimbarde" Russe

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Large Jew's Harp, incredible sound, exceptional vibration power

Jew's harp "Large", Khakass jew's harps

Gaps between tongue and frame: 50-70 microns.
Base frequency: 60-70 Hz.
Stiffness of the tongue: 50-70.
Sizes: 90 x 35 x 3 mm.
Weight: 30g.

Jew's harp by Yevgeny Volgutov.
Made of blued steel.
Instrument with a general low sound and overtones of different heights, moderately crackling. The “Large” has a long flexible tongue and small gaps between the tongue and the deck, which makes the instrument sensitive to the slightest touch. It has a wide range of sounds but a measured, meditative playing at low speed sounds best. A great instrument for novice and continued his acquaintance with the Jew's harp.

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