Singing crystal bowl

The crystal bowl or "crystal vessel" is made of quartz crystal powder (also called rock crystal), that is, silica sand. This sand is composed of 99.9% silicon dioxide (SiO²) and traces of iron oxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, lithium oxide and barium oxide. These traces are important because when a bowl sings, the elements present in the bowls will resonate with the same elements present in the human body. A silicon dioxide molecule is made up of two oxygen atoms, atomic element 8 and one silicon atom, atomic element 14. The total of 2x8 + 14 gives the number 30 which can be reduced to 3, symbol for intelligence, movement of life and adaptation.
To understand the benefits of the crystal bowl on our body, we must understand the effects of silicon. Briefly, silicon has a role in the human body since we have about 0.05% of it. So, singing a crystal vessel makes the silicon and oxygen resonate within us.