about us

We have chosen the name "Origin" which represents the return to the sources, the return to the origin, to the natural.

We are made up of four essential elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

WATER is the vast majority of us and the human body has a large series of fluids that form an important balance in its functioning.

THE EARTH feeds us humans, but also trees and animals.

AIR "oxygen" allows us to live, to breathe. Plants also breathe and many other life forms on the planet.

THE FIRE central element which brings us the flame of life, the heat, the sun, the center of the earth being also a heart of fire!

Currently, it is important to go back to basics, to review our beliefs and our lifestyles, go back to simple things, to unprocessed food, fairer medicine, a better lifestyle to have better health, and the easiest way to do this is to go back to the origin of things. What we call "organic" is nothing more than a product in its original state unmodified by humans!

“Origin” specializes in herbalism, ancestral plants, plants straight from the Amazon, the largest plant reserve on earth, but also a wide range of plants from our regions, cleansing herbal teas, water seafood from the original matrix, essential oils, food supplements, Asian mushrooms, a unique composting system ...

Vibration, because we work a lot with sound! Especially it is last time with the sacred vibration of the "Planetary Gong" and the Alchemical crystal bowls, to know more I invite you to subscribe to our "News Letters" in order to receive more information.

Vibratory instruments, shamanic drum, Indian harmonium "Shrutti Box", Belgian Didgeridoo, jaw harp. We also offer various workshops, song circles and more ...

We also specialize in the sale of tarots and crystals for "lithotherapy" and other products carefully selected by our qualified team. We also have our own 100% Belgian and Brussels cosmetic brand: soaps, face oils, body balms.

We also work with Therapeutic and Medicinal Cannabis called "CBD" we have a particular approach and a vision that I invite you to come and discover in the Boutique.


Origin is also fortunate and pleased to have its own brand of organic and eco responsible and Magical cosmetics;) "Mudra Body Care" you will find soaps, face care oils, balms, but also energy balancing bracelets , "Crystal Wands", ritual candles and many other products that I invite you to discover on our Online store or directly on the site www.mudrabodycare.com


We are also active in water filtration with our British Berkefeld gravity filter system


Our new room, the 5th element "ETHER" is now open for rental for events, circle, meditation, ... Please contact us about this.

We invite you to come and discover our store with the greatest pleasure.

The Origin team