Seconde jeunesse

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Seconde jeunesse is a formulation (for men and women) which targets 4 actions:


1 - Fight against age-related muscle wasting

Your muscles, if you don't maintain them, shrink by about 15% per decade between the ages of 30 and 80. It is true that at 30 your muscle mass represents 45% of your body weight, at 70 it is only 27%. It is at an advanced age that we worry about this state of affairs. Here we are addressing both women and men. The "Framingham" study showed that 65% of women over the age of 75 are unable to lift a load of 4.5 kg! It is as much a problem of muscle mass as it is of muscle strength.

With age, the taste for animal protein diminishes. Seniors assimilate proteins less well, the body's ability to synthesize them decreases. It should be borne in mind that muscle mass is an indicator of the prognosis of survival as well as of the autonomy capacities of seniors. Undernutrition increases the risk of death by up to four times, according to the various studies. Fortunately, there are solutions. These are present in Seconde Jeunesse.

Citrulline: This is an amino acid that is not part of the composition of proteins but is essential for them. Citrulline acts on protein metabolism. Normally, it is made by the body and does not need to be supplied by the bolus. But with age the body no longer produces enough of it, which in part leads to sarcopenia.

Taking citrulline first detoxifies the body by cleansing the liver of excess ammonia. Purification of the liver then promotes an increase in amino acids in the periphery, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis. There is therefore something here to do our muscles good, especially since with citrulline muscle protein synthesis is often accompanied by a loss of abdominal fat mass.

However, its action does not stop there, it is also useful in the context of asthenia, reduces the feeling of fatigue and therefore improves performance.

A study done by Osowoka in 2006 on rats showed that the intake of citrulline in the food intake for three months increased protein content by 20% ... and above all, allowed a 90% increase in muscle protein synthesis. A 42% decrease in abdominal fat mass and an 8% increase in lean mass have also been observed. Which should make many dream ...

In humans, the average of clinical studies agree on a 25% increase in muscle protein synthesis. The intake of citrulline is of course associated with regular physical activity: 30 minutes to an hour each day (walking, gymnastics, cycling), slightly tonic but without forcing.

Ursolic acid:

it is an acid found in the leaves of medlar (Eriobotrya japonica containing 90% ursolic acid.). Ursolic acid is a little wonder of nature.

Ursolic acid is a fatty acid that increases muscle synthesis at the expense of fat deposits in adipocytes (dream!).

It burns fat (hips, abdomen, buttocks, etc.) while stimulating the synthesis of new muscle tissue and preserving lean muscle mass. In addition, it is a mild anti-aromatase which will therefore preserve testosterone somewhat and allow estrogen control. In mice supplemented with ursolic acid, muscle mass increases by approximately 15%. And the fat loss is almost identical in proportion. Note that these results are obtained without changing the diet. Mice, in addition to increasing the volume of the quadriceps, also gain endurance as well as muscle strength. In humans, it also works, but you have to be patient.

The results can be amazing in the long term, on muscle gain, strength preservation, fat loss. Remember that with patience you can reshape your figure. Finally, know that ursolic acid regulates the blood levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. It also boosts irisin concentration, which in itself makes sense from what we've said. It acts as an intermediary between adipose tissue and muscle tissue. Irisin helps increase energy expenditure and decrease obesity and blood sugar.

Healthy centenarians are characterized by higher than average levels of irisin in their blood.

Vitamin D: When vitamin D reaches muscles, it increases their power and function. Studies have shown that intakes of 1000 IU per day increase the volume of muscles but also their tone. Thus, it has been proven in l

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