Brazilian green propolis

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The green propolis from Brazil Natur Holistic is distinguished from other red or brown propolis by its richness in a unique compound, artepillin C, an antioxidant from the phenol family, but also a valuable molecule Quercetin.

Brazilian green propolis has the particularity of modulating the immune response.

But not only. Numerous studies have shown its properties: antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.

Very studied in cancerology !!!

Natur-Holistic Brazilian green propolis is distinguished by its high content of Artepillin C.

Particularly recommended to promote a good balance of the intestinal ecosystem (Dysbiosis, SIBO, SIFO) and to optimize the natural defenses.

Very effective remedy to fight against increasingly powerful and resistant microbes.
An essential ally to counter and protect against infections and viral-transmitted diseases.
From a rigorous selection of raw materials harvested in optimal and ethical conditions in the Parana region of Brazil, which benefits from an exceptional and protected environment.

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