Oleoceane 60 gelules

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60 capsules. 329 mg of herring oil (fish); 270 mg of herring egg lipid extract (fish) including 180 mg DHA, 54 mg EPA, 135 mg phosphatidylcholine; Antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherol (vitamin E)
2 capsules per day. Capsule: fish gelatin, glycerin, lemon essential oil flavor

Ovocéane is the essential supplement to Creacholine. It is a lipid extract of fish roe with a very high DHA content. Since we are talking about fish eggs, there are no heavy metals like in fish oils, which are found at the end of the food chain and concentrate all pollutants. The phosphatidylserine present in Creacholine is enhanced by the DHA present in Ovocéane.

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