Immunocance 60g

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It is a powder of mushrooms (ganoderm, maïtake, shiitake) associated with vitamin C (acerola) in order to reduce the high molecular weight of the polysaccharides of these mushrooms and to increase their bioavailability: this allows a more great accessibility for our organization. Associated with mushrooms and acerola, noni is also present in the formula. The powder obtained is to be diluted in hot water (or a soup) in order to activate the chains of glucans (polysaccharides) of the mushrooms. Together they modulate your body's responses.
IMMUNOCANCE is a formulation that preserves cell integrity and the proper functioning of cells. It strengthens the immune system, provides lasting relief to the liver and pancreas, and ensures the integrity of the vascular walls. IMMUNOCANCE contains fungi such as Maïtake, Shïtaké, Ganoderm capable of increasing the activity of natural killer cells; it contains an extremely immunostimulating beta 1, 6 glycan. IMMUNOCANCE also contains Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) rich in pro-xeronine. The noni stimulates in the nucleus the functioning of the cell as well as its regeneration. It allows better assimilation. It is a powerful regulator acting on a large number of operations. IMMUNOCANCE also contains natural vitamin C. In the form of Acerola. Due to its composition, IMMUNOCANCE can also be used in states of fatigue and overweight. It can also improve sexuality.


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