Hokema Kalimba B9

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The B9, as we call them, is a small, handy kalimba with a singing block made from solid American cherry. Dimensions: 117 x 90 x 41 mm. It is the sister of the model B7. In the same dimensions, the two instruments differ in sound, in the mood, as well as in the number and width of the tongue. The vibrations of the nine sound tongues are noticeable in the hands of this model. The discreet sound of the instrument is clearly audible. By laying or sticking on a suitable surface, such as a table top or the coat of a drum, the volume of the instrument can also be significantly reinforced. The mood of the Kalimba B9 is identical to that of the Sansula. It is an A-Moll sound with extra H and F.Because all tones always fit together, even beginners have a successful playing experience. Factory mood (can be changed): a', c' , c' , a' , a, f' , e' , h' singing block of solid American cherries.

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