Hokema Kalimba B9 Elektro !!!

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The Pocket Sansula is a sweet meditative, personal instrument… but add the high quality electronic pickup and plug in, and you might be taking a walk on the wild side.

The same magical scale – derived from an A minor Japanese Ake Bono scale – adorns both this kalimba and the beautiful Sansula. The solid wood body invites exploration and experimentation with using other bodies as resonant chambers for the “Pocket Sansula”.

The Sansula’s standard tuning is an A minor chord, with two other notes thrown in. This tuning is a double-edge sword – you will not be able to play any songs you might think of playing on it, but on the other hand, EVERYTHING you play will have a unique mystical and haunting beauty, whether you know anything about music or not.

Listen to this sound comparison among Pocket, Renaissance, and Deluxe Sansulas. The Pocket Sansula has a delightfully charming sound, but it is much quieter than the other Sansulas with resonant frame drums.  It is a very nice personal instrument, and a good introduction to the wonders of the Sansula if you cannot afford one of the instruments with frames and resonant membranes.

We have completed three hard copy books, one for Standard Am tuning, one for Beautiful E tuning, and one for Heavenly A tuning, and have a good start on the Bluesy E tuning download.

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