Hokema Kalimba B7 Elektro !!!

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The Hokema B7 Electro Kalimba is a charming hand percussion instrument tuned to the C-pentatonic scale. Meticulously handcrafted from American black cherry wood, the Hokema Kalimba's set of seven metal tines produce harmonious sounds. The instrument is especially recommended for beginners, given that it's impossible to play a wrong note - guaranteeing a fun, musical experience for all. What sets the Electro Kalimba apart from the standard B7 model is that it can be plugged into an amplifier - using the piezo pickup and 6.35mm jack socket. Making it perfect for buskers and street performers. Additionally, the vibrations of the seven sound tongues can be felt clearly in the hands of the player, making this a great choice for sound therapy applications. Treated and polished with natural oils and waxes, the B7 Electro Kalimba is pleasing on the eyes as well as the ears. Take your music with you.

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