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The hair contains 90 mg silicon / kg. Organic silicon acts on connective tissue, it regenerates the dermal papilla and its numerous blood vessels, promoting better nutrition of the hair by restructuring the vascular walls, allowing better circulation to the hair as well as a normalization of the sebum rate. The bulbs, even atrophied, are stimulated. Cell division increases, hair grows back.

Silicon potentiates the action of copper, the deficiency of which causes graying and hair loss. Tyrosinase, a ferment containing copper, transforms the amino acid tyrosine into D.O.P.A., a precursor of melanin, a coloring pigment for skin and hair. Silicon also potentiates the action of zinc, which is involved in testosterone levels. Thus, we better understand the mode of action of silicon. It also promotes the establishment of a stable silicon-silicon bridge allowing a solidification of the structure of the hair shaft, it also develops a shiny appearance and gives more volume to the hair.
Within CAPITONIC, organic silicon finds an ideal association with apple cider vinegar as part of hair treatment. The vinegar cleanses the scalp, restores its pH while opposing the drying effect of too hard water. It also restores shine to dull hair, prolongs the duration of colorings by its smoothing effect on the scales of the hair. These two raw materials associated with adapted essential oils allow the ideal treatment of the hair.

More specifically, we were able to observe on the skulls of bald people, after regular use for one or two months, the appearance of a light down. This down turns into hair in some cases after six months to two years. The first to grow back are the last to fall. Such a result in this specific case requires assiduity and duration over time. Baldness benefits from the same statistics. However, the first visible actions of a treatment with CAPITONIC are the stop of hair loss, a seborrheic normalization, as well as a faster growth of the hair in place, this from the first month and in 100% of cases.
There is a link between the hair and the adrenals, the weakness of the latter also conditions the vitality or not of the hair. It is therefore strongly recommended to combine CAPITONIC with ASTHEN to revive the adrenal cortex.

Whether for :

Give vigor, volume,
obtain a normalization of the sebum rate,
stop the fall, promote regrowth and develop faster growth ...

… Everyone can benefit from the services of Capitonic. Depending on the case, a treatment will last from one month to two years depending on the desired effect.

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