British Berkefeld 12 L filter 4 ATC SuperSterasyl cartridges

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British Berkefeld 12L Gravity Stainless Steel Water Purifier with 4 ATC SuperSterasyl Gravity Filter Cartridges.
A water filter in all circumstances.

The Berkefeld 12L (British Berkefeld) is designed for multiple uses. It is the simple, reliable and efficient way to have pure and safe water from any uncontrolled source ... outdoors, at home or in an emergency ...

Ideal for places without direct access to drinking water (uncontrolled, torrent water, lake, river, surface water ...) but also camping, lodging, in isolated places without water supply or in case of emergency, natural disaster and humanitarian relief ...

ATC SuperSterasyl Cartridge Performance: Granulated Activated Carbon

1st ceramic exterior step: microfiltration (down to 0.2 micron) of pathogenic organisms (bacteria, parasites, cysts, etc.), sediments and impurities (turbidity)> 99.999%

2nd step inside the ceramic: BioTech ™ & SureSeal ™ anti-bacteria formula, avoids any internal microbiological development

3rd step granulated activated carbon: Elimination of bad tastes, odors, chlorine, chlorine derivatives> 94%. Residues and chemicals> 80% (herbicides, pesticides, atrazine, phenols, trialomethanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.). Residues of personal care and drug products> 80%

4th anti-heavy metal media step: Reduction of heavy metals (lead and aluminum, etc.)> 94%

Composition: Bristih Berkefeld 2 pure water gravity filter equipped with 2 ATC SuperSterasyl cartridges, a pure water tap.

Characteristics: Material: INOX. Dimensions Bristih Berkefeld 2: Height 49cm, Diameter 26 cm, Dimensions in storage: Height 33 cm, Diameter 26 cm. Water filtration efficiency: 2 liters / hour (with 2 cartridges), Reservoir: 12 liters upper / l12 liters lower.

Maintenance: ATC SuperSterasyl cartridges: Replace every 6 to 12 months or 3000 liters.

Certifications: NSF / ANSI standards 42 & 53; WRAS; CSTB; ISO 9002. Made in England.

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