enema bag

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This enema bag is suitable for colon cleansing. In case of constipation, it is very often recommended to use this medical equipment in order to cleanse the colon, which is very regularly congested. This enema practice is simple and effective. So you can do it directly at home or ask a professional to do it. The role of the colon is to expel all waste and toxins present in the intestines, via the stool. However, when the individual is constipated, these are not evacuated properly, so there is a risk of reabsorption by the colon. This is why the enema canister allows you to clean it properly to avoid this type of inconvenience.

To get used to the sensation of water flowing in the lower part of your colon, try this enema bock, a simple and economical method that will give you a feeling of well-being and dynamism.

Generally, it is advisable to perform an enema in the event of intestinal imbalance and dysbiosis, in the event of a period of detoxification, in the event of renewal of the intestinal flora but also in order to support the overall decongestion of the organisms.

At home, with this enema canister, you can perform quick colon cleanses in peace. In addition, this medical device is sterilizable and autoclavable, thus eliminating all bacteria using heat and pressurized steam.

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