Asthen 30ml

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Asthen is a blend of essential oils that is used externally on the adrenals. The adrenals are found in the hollows on either side of the lower back, under the floating ribs; to find them, put your hands on your waist and raise your thumb, it will be lodged in the hollow under the rib: if, by pressing a little firmly, you feel them, it is because they need 'to be recharged (we sometimes see people spontaneously massaging their lower back with their fists, thus stimulating their adrenals).

Your adrenals empty as soon as there is fear, stress, anxiety, or when a child is growing. Recharging your adrenals increases your resistance to stress. For example, a person who is in low spirits often has a flat adrenal gland. It will be useful to recharge them and combine "Joyance" to induce states of relaxation and well-being.

In addition, the vitality of the hair is linked to the vitality of the adrenals. Everyone knows the anecdote of hair that has bleached or fallen out overnight due to great stress. If stress damages hair, it is primarily because it empties the adrenals. Here too, it will be useful to recharge them and combine "CAPITONIC" in a spray in order to act locally on the scalp. "SHAMPOO-JADE" will be a useful addition. Finally, we noticed that the electro-sensitive people were the least rooted: their adrenals also need to be recharged. The adrenals are kind of our battery, the more dead they are, the harder it is to start. Asthen used in the morning on the adrenals gives tone, used in the evening it brings nervous relaxation which promotes sleep.

We often advise Asthen during the spring and autumn time change, to which we then associate "Blue Sun" in order to better pass the course. One vial of Asthen used every day lasts for many months. In general, we use a few drops placed on the back of the hand, the back with which we rub the adrenals from the bottom up.


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