Alpha Gem MEMO 10 15ml

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Improves memory

The GEM-MEMO complex is an excellent ally for students. An interesting formula based on alder, olive and rosemary for a "boosting" effect on your memory. Alder is the quintessential bud for the circulatory system and brain activity. The olive tree, considered as a hepatic drainer, promotes brain activity and optimizes resistance to fatigue.
Adults: the recommended daily dose is 5 to 15 drops per day.

To be consumed between meals, pure or diluted in spring water.
Vegetable glycerin *, alcohol * (35%), water; buds of alder * (Alnus glutinosa), leaves (young shoots) of rosemary * (Rosmarinus off.) and olive (Olea eur.).

* Product from organic farming. Certisys LU-BIO-06 control.

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