Acerola Alpha R lipo

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A consumer of the spray lives. Liposomal C can switch to "alpha R lipoic / vit. C liposomal" if he additionally wishes to chelate its heavy metals. When vitamin C has captured free radicals it is no longer an antioxidant, this is where the alpha lipoic comes in to take its radicals and send it back into the circuit, technically speaking we say that it is increased by half-life.

Everyone has known since Linus Pauling that vitamin C scavenges free radicals. Our bodies also protect themselves by producing glutathione and R alpha lipoic acid. The latter is synthesized by the liver but also by other tissues which are the seat of a high metabolic activity such as the heart, the kidney ... The alpha lipoic is as well soluble in water as in lipids, it is therefore ideally distributed in the organism; it also helps vitamin C to be better absorbed. It also has the ability to "rejuvenate" vitamin C and glutathione, meaning that it prolongs their lifespan. It also traps toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. We use the R form of lipoic acid which is naturally produced by the body. Studies show that the synthetic and less expensive S form is also less active. The combination of vitamin C with R alpha lipoic acid allows better use of the latter as well as a prolonged action.

Composition for 2 capsules: Alpha R Lipoic Acid 560 mg; Liposomal Vitamin C 272 mg; Vegetable capsules; anti-caking agent: magnesium salt of fatty acid

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